The Public Sector Show provides a forum for attendees to discuss and debate the key challenges facing government and services over the coming years. Through in-depth policy briefings, practical case studies and opportunities to network and share experiences with sector pioneers from across the country, attendees are able to engage with the thought-leadership and visionary thinking that will help deliver 21st century public services.


Digital and technology

The effective use of technology is a constantly evolving requirement in the public sector. The role of digital both internally and externally poses a whole host of challenges for organisations. Public sector professionals face challenges in fostering digital innovation, promoting digital inclusion, and effectively implementing digital infrastructure and processes.

Focuses include:

  • The latest digital challenges and solutions across local authorities
  • The priorities of national bodies, including GDS’s roadmap for 2017/18
  • Government Transformation Strategy 2017-20
  • Sharing digital capability across boundaries


Finance, corporate and procurement

Public sector bodies face continual challenges for maximising their resources and taking the approaches needed to achieve efficiency without losing quality. The sector is looking at ways to operate more commercially, working with a business mindset and finding innovative and collaborative ways to improve their service offering.

Focuses include:

  • Cross-sector collaboration (across LAs, crime, health, blue light and the third sector, including health and social care integration)
  • Achieving value for money
  • Promoting commercialism in the public sector


Workforce, recruitment and skills

The correlation between an effectively managed workforce and quality service delivery is no new discovery. There are many challenges across the sector in regards to effectively growing and retaining talent, putting effective leaders in the right places and instilling pride in the modern day civil servant.

Focuses include:

  • Talent retention challenges – competing with the private sector
  • Developing quality people management processes
  • Effective leadership
  • The identity of the ‘21st Century Civil Servant’
  • Civil Service Workforce Plan 2016-20


Devolution and transformation of local government

It has been an eventful year for city region devolution. Mayoral elections across the country have led to a significant reshape of the structure of local government across many areas. There is great anticipation in how these new leaders will work alongside government and local authority leaders, as well as how all local government will continue to evolve ways to meet local needs.

Focuses include:

  • Directly elected mayors and the new structure in local governance – 6 months in
  • Creating the Northern Powerhouse
  • Continuing the transformation of local government collaboration and organisation



The UK’s decision to exit the European Union has created an extended period of uncertainty. Decision makers from right across local and central government and the wider public sector need to be ready to respond to the restructuring of policy and powers, as well as prepare for the potential impact the changes will have on financing, workforce and local economies.