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Public sector gets blockchain tech on G-Cloud 8

The blockchain platform provider Credits has been awarded the supply of distributed ledger technology on G-Cloud 8, it’s been announced.

Credits will be the first to provide the technology through the Government Digital Services’ Digital Marketplace, where it will be open for use across the UK public sector.

Hand-picked by the Crown Commercial Service as a key supplier, the company specialises in supplying distributed ledger technology software and cloud-based services, with tools for building scalable blockchains.

Founder and CEO of Credits, Nick Williamson, said: “Credits is pleased to have been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 8 platform. We are excited by the huge potential of Distributed Ledger Technology for many different government and public sector applications, and are looking forward to working with UK public sector organisations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their services for UK taxpayers.”

Put simply, blockchain is a method of recording data: a digital ledger of transactions, agreements, and contracts that can verify independently if a transaction has happened.

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